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Commission's Vision

The commission would aspire to make Addis Ababa to be a city of that ensures fair tax
administration and rule of law by the year 2012 E.C.

Commission's Mission

To bring fast economy growth in the city by investigating the claims and tax accusations that were provided to the commission, providing fast and fair decision; and ensuring the rule of law.

Commission's Values

  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Alert for change
  • Providing a better service

Commission's Objective

The commission will give accessible, effective, speedy and participatory service in a bid to ensure the rule of law.



At Judgement


The Presidents Message
The Addis Ababa City Administration, Tax Appeal Commission has been established as judicial entity as per the promulgation of article 48 of proclamation 361/2003 and regulation No. 8/1998 which has been given with jurisdiction on cases falling under the city’s administration and vested with the responsibility of seeing, examining and rendering decision on appeal of tax or duties that may be determined on the listed up revenue source. The commission with a view to discharge the responsibility given to it and safeguarding rule of law by complying with the right and obligations promulgated under the tax laws in bid to bring about modern and fair tax system. The city administration has been discharging its own part with a view to make the service provision speedy and efficient as well as diligently performing by testing the satisfaction of the customers from time to time.

In order to guaranty the sustainability and effectiveness of the development and good governance polices and strategies formulated for the overall growth of the city as well as putting place a supremacy of law is known to be decisive for sustainable development in due course. By making the procedural structures organized with a view to solving the compliance on tax and duties in line with the legal mechanism thereby paving the way for the existence of accessible and pridictable justice system; the files opened, appointment date and files rendered with decision will be followed up with web site that is supported with modern technology and by reducing the deterioration on the part of customers and increasing the time serving for the disposal of development activities, it has been exerting effort to realize the goals stipulated by the city administration. In light of safeguarding the participation of the tax payer and other entities thereby making the justice rendering legally determinable, none discriminatory, transparent and accountable , speedy and qualitative as well as freeing from rent seeking tendencies in manor providing provision service provision to the beneficiary by being accompanied with reform procedural system and modern technology.

Finally the beneficiary community is expected to contribute its own part by actively participating in the justice system upgrading and interchanging by inviting the constructive suggestion on the service provided to them and the employees of the institution should develop up sprite of service with a view to serving the tax payer community in duly manner and making them get capacity building training from time to time, a range of works have been so far performed in a bid to bring about better performance and I hereby transmit my massage to all of the stakeholders on the field to extend their support in this regard .

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